resources to prepare for your connection

What you'll need for your Call

  • Access to a phone or computer. You'll need it to conduct a phone or video call with your #GiveItUp4Peace connection.
  • Select your call platform and book a time. You and your connection can use whatever platform that suits your technical and personal preferences. Some options: Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, and of course a regular phone call.
  • If you prefer, the #GiveItUp4Peace team can set up a video call link for you, just email us. Please test your audio and video before your meet-up to ensure that you can connect.

How to approach the chat

  • Treat it like a "coffee chat". The purpose of these calls is to make a friendly connection and meet someone across cultures. This is not a job interview or mentorship/expert session. Come with an open mind and get to know the other person.
  • Be professional. Even though it is a casual chat, we encourage you to use professional communication, and use email unless you have expressed consent from your #GiveItUp4Peace connection to use other communication channels. Keep confidential any personal or professional experiences shared by your match.
  • Respect each other's time. In setting up your call, be mindful of time. Be sure to communicate with your #GiveItUp4Peace connection in a timely manner, and show up on time. Aim to keep your conversation or questions within the suggested 1 hour timeframe.

Conversation Tips

  • Don't be afraid to open the conversation: Introduce yourself and why you're participating in #GiveItUp4Peace. You've been matched with this person because they are eager to get to know you!
  • Start by asking: Coffee chats can feel foreign or nerve-wracking. You can make the conversation feel safe for the other person with open-ended questions like "What would you like to talk about? What can I do to make this call helpful?" Ask permission before providing advice, eg. "You mentioned... May I provide some thoughts?"
  • Use the conversation starter: If you're not sure what to talk about, use the conversation prompt included in your email introduction to get you started. There are also more below! You can also email your connection in advance with some topics you'd be interested to discuss.
  • Be curious about differences: Strengthen your intercultural understanding by inviting each other to share what they noticed about their community that is different from other cultures.
  • Refer to resources: Virtual Neighbours are not expected to be an expert or know all the answers. Feel free to refer a newcomer to other resources, or reach out to the #GiveItUp4Peace team for our help pointing a newcomer towards relevant resources.
  • Thank them for their time: Thank your connection for making time to chat with you!

Conversation starters

In your email introduction to your new connection, we send you a conversation prompt to get started. We'd like to thank our partners at weareHUH (Humans Understanding Humans) for providing these prompts below! You can see all the conversation cards, in English and 8 additional translated languages here.

Conversation card: Share about first timesConversation card: Share about your nameConversation card: Share about your habitsConversation card: Ancestors or future family?Conversation card: Share about traditions and beliefsConversation card: Share about transportationConversation card: Share about extra timeConversation card: Share about personalityConversation card: Conversation starts for local professionalsConversation card: NetworkingConversation card: Resume and cover letterConversation card: Conversation starters for newcomers

Newcomer resources

For information on settlement services available for newcomers to BC, download PeaceGeeks’ Arrival Advisor mobile app! Available for free at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Career Mentorship Programs

Looking for longer-term connections to mentor you about your career? Check out our partners below!


The MentorConnect program brings together skilled immigrants and established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships. Skilled immigrants entering the program have the education, experience, and language skills to succeed in the Canadian labour market.

Career Mentoring for SUCCESS

The reer Mentoring for SUCCESS program allows you to experience employment coaching, and to network and connect with employers and professionals. All of our Employment for SUCCESS programs also provide settlement information, community & employment resources, and provide many opportunities to practice English language skills.

Employment Mentorships & Career Coaching

Employment Mentorship and Career Coaching connects newcomers to professionals and employers for 1-1 occupation specific mentoring exploring career fields, employment related goals and networking. Mentors are carefully selected, screened and oriented to educate newcomers about skills, trainings and qualifications required in a career field and show steps to acquire them.

Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services is a government-funded services which connect internationally trained professionals with qualified local mentors to help guide newcomers along their career development path. It allows for a safe environment for immigrant professionals to explore the local labour market, the “unspoken rules” of the Canadian workforce, and much more.

Newcomer Employment Program

Set of services and workshops which help newcomers to adapt their skills and/or knowledge for the Canadian work environment to increase their employability.        

Welcome Talent Canada

Welcome Talent Canada, our initiative in collaboration with LinkedIn, provides newcomers with the tools and resources they need to help them jump start their professional careers in Canada and find meaningful employment opportunities.

Workplace Connections Mentoring

For over 10 years, Workplace Connections Mentoring Program has been introducing newcomers to local professionals in a variety of fields including: Accounting, Architecture, Human Resources, Engineering, IT, Marketing, Business, Banking and Logistics. Professionals volunteer to be Career Mentors, to new immigrants, helping them to successfully restart their careers in the Canadian workplace.

Youth Employment Programs

Mentorship Program aims to connect youth to industry leader mentors. From the mentorship, we want to inspire youths and build capacity, employability, networks, and foster entrepreneurship. Through supportive, caring, and trusting relationships with mentors, we want to help guide youths in their career journey or self-employment endeavors.

YWCA Tech Connect

YWCA Tech Connect is a free program that supports newcomer women with experience in IT to secure rewarding careers in the tech industry.

Employment Program with Mentorship Component

Through British Columbia's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Program, you can check each service provider’s website below to find out your program stream and region

Archway Community Services' Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

The Government of Canada and Province of British Columbia are working with Archway Community Services to help newcomers like you find that perfect employment fit. The Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program will assist you to gain experience, find employment, or improve employment within your field, with an individual approach that is tailored to meet your needs.

Back in Motion’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Back in Motion’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants provides occupation-specific resources and support to help immigrant job seekers move into careers that match their qualifications. All services provided by Career Paths are fully funded by the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

The Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society' s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Customized career counselling, occupational training supports and exam preparation for skilled immigrant job seekers. The Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society delivers Career Paths for Skilled Immigrant to the communities of Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox Valley, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville and Port Alberni.

Douglas College's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

The Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants' employment program gives eligible participants the career coaching and resources they need to gain employment in their field of training and expertise.

ISSofBC's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Get access to training funds, learn occupation-specific language, connect to employers, and gain Canadian work experience to help you find career success.   

MOSAIC's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Newcomers to Canada struggle to gain entry to the workplace, but not for a lack of skills or enthusiasm. Newcomers find it a challenge to translate their skills, qualifications and experiences in a way that local employers will value. The MOSAIC Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program helps to bridge that gap and transition immigrants and refugees into the workplace.

North Shore Multicultural Society's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

The program includes a series of unique workshops geared towards career development for professionals, networking and mentoring opportunities, site tours of local companies, financial support for skills enhancement, and a workplace practicum for eligible and qualified clients.

PICS's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

The Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Project provides customized services for up to 22 months to assist skilled immigrants with experience in Sales and Service occupations (Corporate Sales Management, Retail and Wholesale Trade Management, and Restaurant and Food Service Management) to obtain employment in their specialized field.

Inter-Cultural Association's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Get access to training funds, learn occupation-specific language, connect to employers, and gain Canadian work experience to help you find career success.