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What Should I Give Up?

That “one thing” can be anything you enjoy on a regular basis. Your morning coffee, Netflix, driving to work—one PeaceGeeks member gave up her bed and slept on the floor. Basically, if you're gonna miss it then go ahead and pick it. Check out past #GiveItUp4Peace pledges for some inspiration.

Munifa, newcomer to Canada

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Let your contribution help thousands of newcomers to B.C. through PeaceGeeks' App Advisor.

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Your One Thing Could Mean Someone's Everything

When you go without something you want, we'll help newcomers get what they need.

Help us embrace refugees and immigrants in Canada by joining the #GiveItUp4Peace challenge! Take part and put your fundraising dollars towards Arrival Advisor, a free mobile app that helps guide B.C. newcomers through the process of resettling in their new home and guides them to the necessary support during the pandemic.  


  • Signing children up for school

  • Finding proper housing

  • And much more.

Turn a New Arrival Into a New Beginning

For newcomers to B.C., the moment of arrival marks the beginning of a new life—but it’s a journey that can be filled with as much stress and anxiety as it is hope and excitement. Coronavirus has made this a particularly difficult time for newcomers so we have updated Arrival Advisor with links to timely information on the virus so that they can stay equipped with the tools that they need. Alongside this, Arrival Advisor contains information on tasks that can become significant barriers to settlement:

Navigating this process is overwhelming, with scattered information sources often only available in English. With 61% of Canada's population growth from new immigrants, 153,000 newcomers currently living in Metro Vancouver, and 1 in 3 newcomers unaware of the services available to them, that's a lot of people in need of something better.

  • Getting a Social Insurance Number

  • Registering for healthcare

  • Acquiring a job

Where Your Donations Will Go

PeaceGeeks aims to help refugees and immigrants navigate the frustrations and complexities of resettlement in Canada.

That's why we created Arrival Advisor, a free, multilingual mobile app that helps newcomers in B.C. find information to plan their settlement journey.

Adapting Arrival Advisor with links to timely updates on Coronavirus is just one of the ways that we will be supporting those new to Canada through this pandemic. With your support, PeaceGeeks can explore the ways — through new platforms and expanding existing partnerships — that we can help with our technological expertise to support newcomers while managing the dynamic and changing impacts of the pandemic.


"Arrival Advisor is helpful and resourceful for people who have been here for two to three months, two to three years, or even before you arrive in Canada. "

Help Newcomers Make Canada Home

By joining the 30-day challenge, you will be supporting PeaceGeeks to adapt existing tools, such as Arrival Advisor, and explore creating new resources, for newcomers feeling the impact of COVID-19.