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One hour can make a world of difference

Share your insights, build a relationship, and connect 1-on-1 on topics like culture, employment, and language skills. All while raising funds to support PeaceGeeks' projects that ensure newcomers thrive in Canada!

You don’t need to be an expert—just a good neighbour.

Connect with a newcomer for 60 minutes, and have your company match ($1 per minute). Or donate $60 and fund your own connection.

62% of new immigrants say they had to overcome racism in order to land employment
40% of newcomers in Vancouver are living below the poverty line.
People with "ethnic-sounding names" are 20-40% less likely to get an interview call-back.

How it works

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We send you an email introduction to a newcomer. Then you schedule a one-on-one video call.

3. Meet for your call

Don't know what to say? We'll give you a conversation prompt to get started, and you can also check out our resource guide.

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4. Get matched or donate

For every hour you give, your company matches with a $60 donation. Or you donate $60 to fund your own connection! (All donations go towards PeaceGeeks projects that help newcomers thrive in Canada.)

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Don't have capacity for a video call? By making a donation, you will support future connections for newcomers in B.C.

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I'm new to B.C.
Can I participate as a newcomer?

Yes! Newcomers can get matched with a Virtual Neighbour to discuss topics like cultural exchange, career advice, or practice English!

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About this project

#GiveItUp4Peace is powered by Snapp, PeaceGeeks' digital program that matches newcomers with skilled professionals.

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"Meeting new people is essential for newcomers. Snapp has been doing a great job of opening up an important channel for me in Canada."

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