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What Should I Give Up?

That “one thing” can be anything you enjoy on a regular basis. Your morning coffee, Netflix, driving to work—one PeaceGeeks member gave up her bed and slept on the floor. Basically, if you're gonna miss it then go ahead and pick it. Check out past #GiveItUp4Peace pledges for some inspiration.


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Pick something you'll give up for the month of October.



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Set a fundraising goal for October 31.

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#GiveItUp4Peace on October 1 and ask your network to support your challenge.

Let your contribution help thousands of newcomers to B.C. through PeaceGeeks' App Advisor.

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One Thing. One Month. A World of Difference.

October 2020, PeaceGeeks challenges you to give up one thing in support of refugees, immigrants, and newcomers to British Columbia.

Whether it’s your morning bagel, Netflix binges, caffeine, online shopping—anything you enjoy on a regular basis—giving it up for just one month could make all the difference for someone else. 

#GiveItUp4Peace to put your fundraising dollars directly towards Arrival Advisor, a free mobile app from PeaceGeeks that helps guide B.C. newcomers through the often-overwhelming process of resettling in their new home. Up for the challenge? Sign up to be reminded closer to kickoff, and start thinking now about what you’ll give up for peace! 


  • Finding proper housing

  • Learning a new language

  • And much more.

Help the Newly-Arrived Build a New Life

For newcomers to B.C., the moment of arrival marks the beginning of a new life—and a journey that can be filled with as much stress and overwhelm as it is hope and excitement. This can include:

Up until now, the most widely-used resource to navigate this process was a physical guidebook updated only every few years. With 61% of Canada's population growth from new immigrants, 153,000 newcomers currently living in Metro Vancouver, and 1 in 3 newcomers unaware of the services available to them, that's a lot of people in need of something better.

  • Getting a Social Insurance Number

  • Registering for healthcare

  • Acquiring a job

  • Signing children up for school

Where Your Donations Will Go

PeaceGeeks aims to help newcomers navigate the frustrations and complexities of resettlement in Canada.

That's why we created Arrival Advisor, a free, multilingual mobile app that helps refugees and immigrants in B.C. find information to plan their settlement journey.

When you #GiveItUp4Peace, you're directly contributing to the development and expansion of Arrival Advisor and helping countless newcomers fast-track their way to successful and sustainable lives in their new home.